The moxie mission

 A movement that gives a crap about digestive health. We’re integrative, empowering and totally transparent. 


Moxie poop app

Moxie has built the world’s first AI-powered poop scanner. Yay. What does that mean?  You can take snaps of your poop to learn more about whether your digestive health is on track. Our poop scanner still has its training wheels on, however, and with your help, it can move from training mode into a fully functional app that will guide you on your journey to better health.


We practice an integrative, all-encompassed approach to digestive health. This helps us determine why our bodies are inflamed and where the inflammation is coming from. 

Inflammation can creep into our diet, lifestyle or environment without any warning which can aggravate our guts, leaving us feeling defeated. 

So that’s why it’s our mission to fight inflammation from every possible angle. 

Let’s explore inflammation … 


Transparency is something that we live and breathe.

We’re not going to sugarcoat the truth about our insides. That is why we’ve initiated a “new” kind of conversation. One where there is no ugly stigma or judgment. It all begins with this video, as we welcome you to listen to us ‘talk shit’ (quite literally).

Or, take a fun quiz to find out how well you really know your insides…