Gluten or not to Gluten: What is it really doing to our bodies?

The gluten-free trend floated into our lives just under a decade ago, when everyone decided that the gluten-free alternative was going to be a healthier alternative for our overall wellbeing. Many of us with little hesitation, adopted the new trend hoping that we’d see results. Did we? And what metrics did we use to even figure this out?

What is the gluten-free trend?

At the time that the gluten-free trend began, it generally meant either two things, that people were trying to lose weight and ‘gluten’ seemed to be getting in the way of results, or they were gluten-intolerant and had horrible side effects whenever they ate it. For those who were opting for the ‘weight loss’ route, it was soon discovered that a lot of gluten-free alternatives replaced the gluten for sugar, which defeated the purpose of a weight loss diet.

And for the gluten-intolerant people, they avoided gluten however didn’t realise that other harmful components replaced the gluten, like corn – which is an inflammatory, causing just as much harm to the digestive tract.

Since then, many of us have started to discover what gluten is, how it affects the body and who should be avoiding it. And the answer is, everyone!

Why can gluten hurt everyone?

Gluten has been found to negatively impact the lining of the gut, creating ‘leaky gut’ or intestinal permeability. Now you’re probably wondering whether that includes those who don’t have the celiac gene, and according to studies it’s becoming extremely clear that it does not matter whether you have the gene or not, gluten damn right sucks!

A healthy gut lining is supposed to be strong and tight. Its responsibility is to keep food, waste, and microbes inside the digestive tract so that the body can accurately function without having any secondary effects. Gluten, unfortunately, can be responsible for screwing this entire system up.

How can gluten ‘screw’ up our digestive health?

Well, gluten releases an inflammatory protein called ‘zonulin’ which opens up the connections of the wall lining, this causes gaps, creating pathways for particles to leak into the bloodstream. This is not a good time at all. This is what creates an immune response and initiates inflammation.

So, is it time to ditch the bread, cookies, pasta and all the other delicious carby/gluteny treats?

Well, that’s completely up to you and how important you think your health is. Firstly, if you’re going to make the cut, then get educated! Gluten-free alternatives can hide other nasties. Corn secretly makes its way into EVERYTHING and corn is a huge no from the anti-inflammatory movement.

Going gluten-free not only helps heal your digestive tract, but it also avoids leaky gut and the oncoming of digestive disorders. Furthermore, it helps clear up crappy skin problems, brain fog, energy levels, and many other aspects of your health!

We have the capacity to heal the brain, and long-term health by choosing a smarter diet.

So go on, swap it out for delicious vegetables and high-quality fats. Either your gut, skin or brain is going to benefit from it so what do you have to lose?

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