How Collagen Could Help Support Your Digestive Issues

We’ve all heard about how collagen is GREAT for skin, complexion, and anti-aging. But did it ever occur to you that it has huge benefits to your digestive health?

Yep, you heard right. There are many reasons why boosting your diet with collagen can support a healthy digestive system, while promoting overall health…

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It provides a structure or foundation for your digestive system…

Collagen is a protein and protein is very vital for structuring and regulating your body tissues, including the gut.

Amino Acids delivered to the body by collagen peptides are used to nurture and heal the gut. They create building blocks that help make new collagen. Simultaneously, they work together to repair the intestines.

It prevents leaky gut…

Processed foods, lack of sleep, stress, and overkill on antibiotics all affect the lining of the gut. Over time they can weaken the walls, allowing leakage or substances to pass through.

Toxins and bacteria can end up in the bloodstream. Collagen provides the support to repair and rebuild.

It helps absorb nutrients…

A leaky gut not only leaks toxins and bacteria but also nutrients. A permeable gut lining can stop vitamins and minerals in food from being absorbed properly – even if you’re eating really well.

Collagen helps strengthen the gut wall, allowing your body to absorb nutrients from food. It also helps keep our intestines flexible, which helps move food around.

It reduces the risk of ongoing digestive issues…

Collagen contains glycine, an amino acid that has proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the cause root of many diseases, so preventing it should be mandatory.

You may have lower levels of serum collagen, which is linked to an increased risk of gut health conditions. This can result in IBS or IBD.

So whether you’re already taking collagen or not, it’s definitely something that you should consider to help benefit your intestinal organs. And give it at least three weeks before you see results! Everything takes time.

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