Boosting Your Immune Through Gut Health

Lately, a lot of hygienic preventatives like washing your hands, or practicing social distancing have been circulating since coronavirus reared its ugly head, but what can you do to help your body prepare in case it comes in contact with the virus?

Firstly, let’s explore gut health and immunity…

Researchers have recently become increasingly interested in the intestine’s connection to our immune system. After all, our gut is packed with 60 – 70% of the body’s immune cells, meaning that it functions as the immune systems ‘headquarters’, while still operating as our digestive organ.

The gut also contains a crucial element to our overall health. It is the home to 500 different types of gut bacteria, equalling 100 trillion organisms in total. They comprise of our intestinal flora, an ecosystem that fights off germs that find their way into the body.

Hang on, so how do immune cells and gut bacteria work together?

Immune cells and gut bacteria, both of which live in the gut used to be mistaken as enemies. Scientists used to believe that the purpose of the immune system within the gut was to fight gut bacteria, but since we’ve progressed experts now believe the two of them work as a team! Yippee!

Studies now suggest that gut bacteria are deeply involved in the maintenance of our entire body. Experts have taken a very close interest in the collaboration between good gut health and our immune system, as they continue to find ways that our gut flora can be utilized to boost our immune more effectively.

So what does ‘good’ gut health mean?

Good gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Looking after the health of your gut and maintaining the right balance of the microorganisms is vital for IMMUNITY – but also physical, mental health and so much more!

Okay, how can we boost our immune through gut health then?


A Russian microbiologist some time ago figured out that lactic acid bacteria, also known as ‘acidophilus’ regulates the intestinal function and has been long associated with boosting immunity.

Get yourself a reliable probiotic with ‘acidophilus’ to help support that gut flora!


The more organic, nutrient-dense plants that you eat, the more antioxidant-rich, mineral and vitamin-rich your diet will be. This is one of the fastest ways to support your body’s immune system.

Want some recommendations? Go for asparagus, broccoli, Brussels, carrots, thyme, oregano, chickpeas, cauliflower and ginger (all gut-friendly options for those who are concerned about digestive issues).


Bone broth has been shown to help seal openings in the gut that may lead to an overactive and weakened immune system. A healthy gut has a strong correlation to immunity. Bone broth is easy for the body to absorb and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Make sure to check out the ingredients list if you buy broth in store. They sometimes carry other ingredients that can upset the stomach.


Stock up on herbs and spices, as they can be incredibly beneficial for the body’s immune system.

A few of our favorites are: Turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, and cardamom.

There are so many anti-inflammatory and immune-building benefits. Some experts believe that herbs and spices are more effective than supplements.


Water plays a huge role in making sure your body functions properly. Dehydration weakens your immune system. Always have a reusable bottle on you and just keep refilling whenever you’ve got a chance. That way you’ll never have to go looking for water to get your hydration up.


Coronavirus is causing a lot of mental stress on a lot of people at the moment and completely justified! But what if we told you that your mental stress is actually making you more susceptible to catching this virus?

Try: Meditating, or doing therapeutic tasks during this downtime! Alternatively, CBD can certainly help (especially the smokes for immediate effect).

Having a healthy gut is crucial to your immune system and a large portion of your immune is in your GI tract, so please take care of yourself during this fragile and unpredictable time!

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