This is What Will Happen When You Replace Coffee With Matcha

Matcha has been on the scene for quite some time now, and although it was introduced into the mainstream because of its trendy, bright green colors many people have jumped on the bandwagon after realizing how incredible the benefits are from drinking just one cup per day. What people have most enjoyed about matcha, is that it has been a good substitute for coffee, and while people still think coffee can never be fully replaced, we figured that we’d give you some reasons why we disagree with that opinion…

Firstly, what is matcha?

Matcha is not green tea. Although they both come from the same plant ‘camellia sinesis’ they are both prepared and processed very differently. Green tea is grown under sunlight, whereas matcha is protected, which delays the process of growth development, but the production of amino acids continues to increase internally. When the leaves are picked and grounded, stems from the leaf are removed leaving a highly concentrated, ground-up bright green powder filled with antioxidants and other benefits.

So why is matcha better than coffee?

  1. Matcha has better caffeine high – Coffee can be known to cause havoc on the body, especially if you’re a carrier of a different variation of the gene CYP1A2 (this gene helps the liver process things). Most people experience the high and then the crash with coffee, causing spikes in adrenaline glucose and insulin levels, which turn into jitteriness, nervousness and sometimes hunger issues.
  2. Matcha creates a ‘calm alertness’ – The caffeine rush from matcha is a slow release. There are no adrenal issues and no glucose spikes. Why? So although matcha has more caffeine than coffee, it’s bound with phytonutrients ‘l-theanine’ so that it slows the body’s absorption of the caffeine, which typically makes the matcha last from three to six hours.
  3. Matcha gives you better breath – Matcha is actually really good for your teeth. It thwarts the bacteria that causes plaque, making it a powerful ally for everyday oral hygiene. Coffee breath and enamel staining is something we all are aware of.
  4. Better skin – Matcha helps clear up acne, and in fact, has been used for centuries by Japanese women as a facial mask. It’s antibacterial properties help give a natural glow to the skin.
  5. Matcha Enhances the Immune and Detoxifies the body – Matcha is full of iron, calcium, protein, potassium, vitamin A and C are also some of the nutrients that matcha offers. The powerful nutrients combined helps boost the immune system and ensure its normal functionality. In addition, its high chlorophyll content makes it an effective detoxifier that helps get rid of body impurities, toxins and heavy metals.
  6. Matcha has LOTS of antioxidants – It is full of catechins, flavonoids and polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin (EGCG) which is linked to anti-inflammatory benefits and has therapeutic applications to the treatment of cancers.

So, there you have six good reasons why you should swap coffee out for matcha. But we must mention that there’s no need to do a hardcore switch, as the body needs time to adjust to healthier choices. Slowly adopt matcha into your diet as an early afternoon treat, as you become accustomed to the taste and style. Once you’ve built a relationship with your new habit, then swap out your morning coffee and see how you go!  

We are huge matcha drinkers at moxie health, so if you have any questions then please feel free to reach out.

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