10 Ways to Rebuild Your Gut Microbiome, Naturally.

Your gut microbiome has a variety of trillions of bacteria and fungi that hang out in every corner of your gastrointestinal tract. These little guys play a huge impact on your metabolism, body weight immune system appetite and mood. They mostly congregate in the lower intestine and outnumber other cells in your body. And the cool part is that no two microbes are the same – they’re all unique.

According to studies, the richer and more diverse your gut microbes are, the lower risk you are at for disease and allergies. The study has proven to be effective in animals, and human studies comparing microbes of people with and without diseases (such as inflammatory bowel disease).

So, how can you restore that gut flora by increasing the good bacteria in your body, and give it the kick that it needs to feel healthy again?

  1. Increase your fiber intake
    Aim for more than 40g per day, which is double the current averages. Fiber intake has been shown to reduce heart disease, cancers, rebuild the gut so that it can heal and help you lose weight.
  2. Eat as many types of fruit and vegetables as possible, & in season
    The more the variety, the better. All various types of fiber vary, and they all support different microbial species, so get colourful. And always eat seasonally, for nutrient-dense results.
  3. Choose foods and drinks with high levels of polyphenols
    These guys are full of antioxidants that act as fuel for microbes. Nuts, berries, olive oil and green tea are all examples of this.
  4. Avoid snacking
    If you increase intervals between meals, you can actually give your microbes a rest. It also helps eliminate dead, or weak cells that is keeping the body from fighting inflammation.
  5. Eat fermented foods containing live microbes
    Kefir, yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi are just a few to the name of the delicious fermented foods that leave your gut nourished with microbes.
  6. Stay clear of artificial sweeteners
    These guys disrupt the metabolism of microbes and reduce gut diversity, which can evidently lead to obesity and diabetes (how ironic). Get rid of processed foods too.
  7. Spend more time in the countryside
    People living in rural areas have better microbes that the ones in the big smoke (city). The more time you spend outdoors, gardening, walking around in the grass barefoot, the better your microbiome will end off.
  8. Pet animals
    Animals increase microbial diversity
  9. Avoid antibiotics
    We’re big believers in this one, mainly because it plays a huge impact on autoimmunity. So don’t take them, unless you need them.
  10. Don’t be too hygienic  
    Although COVID has encouraged us to be as clean as a whistle, believe it or not, but hygiene washes away our microbes. So only wash when you need to.

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