It takes guts to start a new chapter…

Co-founder, Sarah was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2017 and was ashamed to speak about it. She was embarrassed that she had to deal with symptoms that would be otherwise deemed as ‘gross’ or ‘weird’, so she buried her shame and dealt with it privately, realizing that her attitude was only making symptoms worse.

It wasn’t until she overcame her emotional obstacles of judgment and shame, that she was able to find alternative solutions that would heal her digestive tract, and put her Ulcerative Colitis into remission.

Sarah started a conversation.

Once she opened up to people about what she had, it led her to the right professionals who helped her on her journey to better health. She knew that if she was able to continue the conversation with other people, then she could create a community encompassing transparency, which would empower individuals to talk about their digestive disorders too.

Sarah connected with her co-founder Louise, who is also a health junkie, particularly passionate about the gut/brain axis, and so was eager to further explore the digestive health space with her!

That was the beginning of moxie. 

Together, they carefully crafted a business model that focusses entirely on an integrative, holistic approach to digestive health. Their primary objective is to fight inflammation and empower, nurture and build confidence within individuals suffering from digestive conditions so that they can have control over their own bodies again.

Their business model not only educates, but it also practices transparency. Sarah and Louise are passionate about changing the way that society talks about shit (quite literally) because if society does not challenge these ‘ugly stigmas’ then how are we ever supposed to know if something is wrong?

Let’s change the conversation together…